Once again the family got together for the Annual Wing Contest at the Black River Camp. Fortunately the weather held up and it was a beautiful weekend. There were 5 contest entries this year. Bridgette and Loren were the winners. We also barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs, Plus baked beans, veggie salad and fruit salad. Canoeing, kayaking, fishing and swimming highlighted the activities. Other fun stuff: Camp Fire Flares, Rope Swinging and Duck Feeding. Check out the VIDEOS for the activities.
2005 Winners Bridgette and Loren

Ruth, Emily, Matt, John, Amy, Mandy, Carol, Chris, Becky and Jake
Grace, Maeve, Bridgette and Loren.
Quinci and Zachary.

"My knee is as fatty as the wings."

"We can catch up with those guys."

"Watch out for the giant Pickerel."

"I'm playing Lacrosse next year."

"Watch out, the Pickerel is right behind Zach."

"Were did it go?"

"Come on Maeve!! There's room for one more."


Beautiful day at the Black River.

"It's fun watching the kids swim."

"This is extra tough challenge, because the puzzle looks like the table cloth.