Wing Contest 2004

The Annual Family Get-together
The Black River Camp
The Adirondack Foothills


Winner - Bridg & Beck!!!
Ruth made the official plaque shown on the left.

Present- Matt, Becky, Grace, Maeve, Zach, Lauren, Bridg, Jeff,
Landy, Pam, Ruth, Carol, Chris, Jennifer, Mary Jean, Quincy, Mandy, Amy.
Abigail and Daren are in the back.
Missing for the Moment: Emily and Michelle.

Wing Contest 2004

Matt prepares wings at the fryer setup.



"How do you like these wings?"

Jeff, "I'm giving this a 10".  Chris, "I say 9.9"

"All the wings were good this year."

"How's the water?"



Grandpa Jeff and Granddaughter Abigail

Yes, that's Grandma Mary Jean in the background.

Abigail loved negotiating the trails around the camp.




It was a Great Day
for Swimming and Tubing in the River



Emily and Michelle having a ball.

Zach is relaxing.

The Big Rock - Emily and Michelle Kayaking.

Canoeing and Kayaking

The Rapids Rocks

Other Activities

Bridg, Grace, Maeve, Emily, Loren and Michelle enjoy TV.

Bridg, Maeve and Loren walk around the 1/2 mile loop.

Limbo Rock- Mandy and Zach hold the broom while the kids do the Limbo.

Matt's Miracle - Camp Crisis, but kudos for Matt.
The keys were locked in Matt's car.
He used a coat hanger to move the lock handle.
Then he did his victory dance.

Going Home

Yes this is Monday Morning. It's dark because it's raining heavily. We were lucky that the weather held up for the Wing Contest. It rained extremely hard after the contest. I check a big bucket we had sitting in the yard. It measured 3 1/2 ". The river swelled 4'. The rocks disappeared.

You can't see the Big Rock shown above with Emily and Michelle.

These are the upstream rapids, shown above as Rapid Rocks,  were you usually see tons of rocks.

The Wing Contest was a Huge Success!!!

See You All Next Year!!!