Johns 40th Birthday was on Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving at Becky's was Great. We didn't just celebrate Thanksgiving.
John's 40th Birthday was on Thanksgiving Day this year. All his family attended.
Our Granddaughters had a Basketball Tournament.

Thanksgiving Morning

Zach was in New York enjoying the Thanksgiving Day Parade while The Mac Family watched  at home watching it on TV.

Before Thanksgiving Dinner

Zach, "I know you like Tuna, but I can't wait till Turkey."

Emily and the Guests were enjoying the Pre - Turkey Dinner Appetizers.

Thanksgiving Guests have Arrived -
All Johns Family was in attendance. His Mother, Father, 3Brthers and Sister along with their Spouses and Children.

Matt, "Pam, how's the New York commuting going?"

Becky's cats were having a good time too.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Emily scoops up some of the 10lbs. of mashed potatoes pealed by Grandma C.

This was a Two Turkey Dinner.

Johns 40th Birthday Celebration

This was the biggest cake I think I've seen at a Birthday Party.

...,38, 39, 40. Good job John!

John reads Card, " Happy 39th Birthday!"

John, "This club is just what I needed for my new golf ball."

Thanksgiving Weekend Basketball

Another great part of a very busy weekend was the Girl's Basketball Tournament. All four girls (Emily, Bridget, Grace and Maeve) play. John and Becky both coach. Becky coaches Grace and Maeve's 4th Grade Team. John coaches and Becky is Assistant Coach of the Jr. Varsity. Emily plays on the Varsity Team (8th Grade). It was fun watching the games a we saw all four girls play.

JV Tournament Champs - Saint Virgils Girls Jr. Varsity - Bridget is holding Trophy
 (Photo Complements of a Team Member Parent)

Girls 4th Grade Game: Saint Virgils Vs. Saint Rose of Lima

Before Game Match up at Center Court - Grace #9

St. Virgils Defense - Grace #9, Maeve #1

Maeve brings ball up court after pass in by Grace.

Maeve turns the corner heading for the basket while Becky coaches.

Grace gets ready to shoot.

Grace's shot goes in!!!
All in All it was a Fun Weekend!!!
Have a Nice Christmas and New Year Holiday!!!