Syracuse Orange Vs. St. Johns
at the Carrier Dome February 11

This was an extremely impressive game. Both teams shot well. Demetris Nichols performance was the one of the best I've seen in College Basketball. He made 8 shots in a row in the second half keeping SU in the game. He had 14 FGs and scored 37 Pts. Rautins made some 3s. Devendorf didn't try to take over and loose the game. SU played as a team at the end. Although within a couple of minutes to go Rautins, Devendorf and Wright( 80% Foul Shooters) each missed 2 Foul Shots to keep SJ in the game. Luckily Darryl Watkins grab the last miss and got fouled. Then he (67% Foul Shooter) made his two foul shots with 9 seconds to go that actually won the game. St, John's scored a 3 in the last 2 seconds to make the final score 76-74 SU.

We were there 45 minutes before the game started.

We watched the Orange special warm-up.

Durining the Normal Basketball Pregame Warm-up 10 minutes before the game
it looked like not many fans were going to show up, but 24,106 finally did.

The Dome has a Giant TV Screen that they show different things
happiening on the floor and in the stands during the game.

The National Anthem.

The First Tip Off. Everyone in the Dome Stands until SU make their first score.

It was a Close and Excitting 1st Half.

The SU Mascot Otto the Orange waved at me when I took his  picture.

-Half Time Entertainment.

There is Entertainment going on during each Time Out.
It's more fun than TV Commercials.

The Second Half was the Best I've ever seen in the over 50 years of SU Basketball.

It was a Very Enjoyable Game!!!