Christmas Party 2004

Bothers and sisters account for several thousand miles to get together.

Mandy, Becky,
Ken, Pam and Matt together put in 4800 miles to attend the Holiday Christmas Party.


Sibling Miles
Mandy 115


Ken 2800
Pam 1450
Matt 195
Total 4810

Christmas Party 2004.

The Family got together for a great Christmas Party. The really great part of it was that all five brothers and sisters got together along with all the other members of their families.

"Dad this train isn't working."

Uncle Ken and Niece Brig

Grace does some serious  piano playing while others horsed around.

Cousins get together before present time.

All in the family.

Ken plays Santa Claus.

Grandma tries to keep the Fondue Burner going.

Grandma's Ice Cream Cake is always a big hit.
"How big of a piece do you want Becks?"

Grace does a beautiful job of playing Christmas Carols as Carolers joined in.

Quincy does her kitchen acrobatics.

"Grandma could you get these Burdocks out of my hair before I go home?

Have a Nice New Year!!!

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