The Hike to Trenton Falls

Old view of the Power Company Water Tower from the Trenton Falls Bridge.
The tower is no longer there.
The trail follows the rim of the gorge on your right as you look at the photo.
Mouse Over Picture for New  view.

Trenton Falls Trail has been closed to the public for years. Now in October 2004 it is available to the public. They have completed renovation of the trail.

The falls are located on the West Canada Creek near the tiny hamlet of  Trenton Falls. It was very popular vacation spot at the turn of the century. The power company now owns the property and has a power station there. There is a trail back to the falls that starts at the Trenton Falls bridge. You could see the power company water tower  (now gone) from the bridge. The trail follows the rim of the Trenton Falls Gorge and moderately difficult. There are warning signs along the trail. If you go off the trail toward the gorge there is a sheer drop off of several hundred feet. However, there are a few safe vantage points to view the falls along the way.

Along the trail was this intriguing old moss covered stone wall


Old View of Water Tower
Looking back toward the setting sun the power company water tower (No longer there.) is in view. The beginning of the gorge is below the tower.

The Trenton Falls Gorge
This is a look straight down from a ledge far above the falls. The West Canada cascades over ancient rock layers, then down the falls into very deep pools.

Trenton Falls
This is Trenton Falls from a look out point along the trail. The water actually falls from two levels with very deep pools under each level.

Have fun on your trip to Trenton Falls!!!

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