The Moose River near Lyon's Falls, NY

The Moose River starts in the lower Adirondack in the vicinity Old Forge, NY. After meandering for a few miles it cascades eastward through mammoth rocks and rock formations toward the Black River where it meets it at Lyons Falls, NY. Hikers can take the access trail down to the river and climb out on the huge rocks and enjoy some spectacular scenery while listening to the sound of the water tumbling down the gigantic rock formations. The Black Rivers origin is at North Lake about 15 miles east of Forestport, NY. At Lyons Falls the Black River continues on its journey of over 70 miles north to Lake Ontario near Watertown, NY.

In the spring rafters can enjoy the whitewater rapids formed by the winter snow runoff. In summer bathers can cool off on hot days in the large pools below its many falls and flumes.