Cross Country Skiing at the Kunjamuk River X-country Ski Trail  in the Central Adirondacks.
A beautiful bright sunny day. A  loop of novice and intermediate trails starting at the Firehouse, Rt.30 Speculator. This is a marked and groomed trail follows the Kunjamuk River plain into upland woods. Then back on the flat section along the river plain.

To get to the trails take Route 12 North of Utica, NY then follow Route 8 to Speculator. The Trail starts at the Fire House. There  is a large parking lot and restrooms.

The trail commences behind the Fire House and follows the Kunjamuk River. There is a large map of the trails on a big sign at the start.

A Beautiful View as Part of the trail follows Kunjamuk River.

The Trail Starts Out on the Kunjamuk River Path

Then the you retun on the Kunjamuk River Path.

A Beautiful View of Oak Mountain on the trail.

A Beautiful View of Oak Mountain on the trail.

The trail continues along the river for about a mile with Oak Mountain Ski Area providing a back drop.

The trail then takes you into the woods. It is well groomed and has numerous trail markers making it is easy to following. 

Snowmobiles are not allowed on the ski trails.

Much of the trail winds through a picturesque wooded area and can be negotiated by beginners. There are a few mild hills.

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