Valley View - South Woods
Cross Country Skiing
Roscoe Conkling Park, Valley View Drive and Memorial Parkway, Utica, NY

The end of January 2005. It's the first good ski snow we've had this season. The cold temperatures have kept the snow powdery. The park personnel have  groomed very wide packed powder trails on the golf course and up through the Switchbacks.

It' a Ski-Skater's Paradise.

 Panoramic view of Utica and the Mohawk Valley

Enjoy  panoramic views of Utica and the Mohawk Valley, acres of golf course greens and the steep-hilled, wooded switchbacks in the South Woods.

Located in South Utica Roscoe Conkling Park has the Valley View Golf Course, Utica Zoo, Val Bialis Ski Area and South Woods (Switch Backs - A zigzag climbing the steep hills through South Woods).

Several Road Races are held in the park’s South Woods during the summer and fall. The Development Runs, the Save the Switchbacks run and the Falling Leaves Road Race. The Utica Roadrunners Club, the Oneida County Department of Public Works and Utica’s Parks Department worked together to restore the Switchback Trails.

In the Winter, when there is enough  snow, the City grooms cross country ski trails all around the Golf Course and up through the Switchbacks. The are several miles of trails. The trails are wide which is good for free stile and there are conventional tracks put in when they groom. The Valley View Golf Cub House is used as the starting point. You can rent equipment there.

This is a great place for beginners and families. Taking a trip up through the Switchback is fun for the more experienced skier.

Entrance to South Woods Switchbacks

Skiing Up the Switchbacks

Trek through South Woods at the End of the Day