Central New York Road Racing

Passing the Stanley Theatre in the Falling Leaves, Utica, NY

Cooper Wire Run, Camden, NY

If you’re a runner living in Central New York, you can enjoy a steady diet of road racing. On any given weekend from April to December you can find a 5K/10K/15K or Half Marathon race somewhere in the area. Listed below the race I know will be run this coming season. The center or hub of this racing activity is the city of Utica.  The racing agenda here includes the Boilermaker and Falling Leaves Road Races which are big races. Utica has the Development Runs a series of 10 weekly runs at South Woods Park. If you are a resident of the area you you'll have a maximum travel distance of about 30 minutes to any of the races. You will find the courses fun and challenging and you will enjoy the esthetics of visiting the small towns and cities in the are whether it's the old valley mill towns down Route 5, the quaint rural hamlets along the Route 20 Corridor, the old lumber towns in the Adirondack Foothills, the cities of Utica , Rome or the historic villages of Clinton and Camden.  Your entry fee for each race is for some good cause. Keep in mind you'll need a place to store all those shirts. Have fun racing in Central New York. Check the OD, Utica Roadrunners or Roman Runners Web Sites for this years exact dates.

Northwest North
Copper Wire 5K

Fort to Fort 10K/5K
Honor America Days
Paul Revere's 5k Run 


Woodsmen's 10K       Town & Country

Remsen Runaround

Heart Run

SUNY IT Deerfield

West Central East Route 5 Corridor

Heart Run Finish
Hall of Fame
Run for the Rescue
Development Runs
Summer Sizzle
Falling Leaves


Canalway Run


Little Falls
Run for Hunger

Route 20 Road Challange

Eaton Run

Madison Hall Run

Marshal Towpath Run
Millers Mills
Sundae Run

West Winfield
Run Around

Richfield Springs
Zone 5K/10K

The Maine Event

Race Descriptions

Heart Run
Early March
18M,10M,5 M
Utica College Campus
This is a run, not a race. Mostly flat with some long hills in the middle and the end. Good early season workout for runners. This is a run for to raise money for the American Heart Association. The start can be at Barneveld (18 Miles), Stittville (10 Miles) or Whitesboro (5Miles). The Barneveld run goes through Holland Patent, Stittville on country roads then the village Whitesboro to Utica College. The Stitville and the Whitesboro runs follow the same route except or their respective starts. [TOP]
Fort to Fort
Early April
Old Griffiss Air Base, City of Rome
This is a flat course and is regarded as the inaugural race for the area. The start and finish is at the Griffiss Park Athletic Center. From there it follows the streets of Rome to Fort Stanwick. You actually run through the fort and back on the streets to Griffiss. The 5K follows foot paths and roads around the base. There is a lot of slight downhill grade and one small uphill. [TOP]
Mid April
SUNY Campus
Utica, NY
Run entirely on the SUNY Institute of Technology campus in north Utica. The race starts and finishes at the student center. Uses campus roads and footpaths. Some rolling terrain. [TOP]
West Winfield Run Around
Early May
Village of West Winfield
(315) 822-1163
Start and finish at Mt. Markham Middle  School, follows Fairgrounds Rd. Comes back through town and finishes at the school. The first half is a long upgrade. Then it's downhill with a slight upgrade at the end. [TOP]
Zone Run
Early May
Village of Richfield Springs
Richfield Springs is 11 miles past West Winfield on Route 20. Both the 5K and the !0K course are out and back on Lake Street and is fairly flat. It is scenic
because it follows along Canadarago Lake. The 5K turn around is half way to the 10K turn around. [TOP]
Utica Development Runs 10k/2M
Every Wednesday at 7PM from 2nd week in May-2nd week in July
Utica South Woods Park
Every Wednesday evening over 500 runners gather at the South Woods Parkway to run either the 2M or the extremely challenging 10K. This is not a formal race, but is is a fun way of  training for the upcoming season. Many runners use it to train for the Boilermaker. There is a timer that runners can use to log their progress from week to week. The top finishers in each age group and overall get their name in the Utica OD newspaper the next day. The race starts and finishes on the Parkway in front of the ski facility.  The runners follow the Parkway for about a half a mile then immediately turn into South Woods. The  course follows the first of many winding hilly park roads. Then the  course enters the South Woods Switchbacks. The Switchbacks wind upward to the highest elevation point in the park, then a downhill run. However, at the end of the downhill it's back up hill again to the park's scenic overlook, around the monument and then it's all downhill to the finish. Woooo!!!
Hall of Fame
Mid May
Half Marathon/5K
City of Utica
Up and back flat course. Starts at the National Running hall of Fame at the Utica down town business district. Most of the race is along the refurbished canal trail. The course follows a loop through Whitesboro and then back along the canal to the finish. [TOP]
Kirkland Art Center (KAC) Run
Early June
Village of Clinton
(315) 853-8871
Very popular race. Expect to find a few hundred runners. Both races start at the School and finish at the Village Green in the Clinton Historic District. The 5K is flat. This course follows the streets of Clinton. The challenging 10 Mile is one of my favorite races.  The first part is flat, then the course follows country roads up into the hills over looking the Oriskany Creek, where you can look forward to the downhill then a flat run back. Near the finish there is a little hill then a nice downgrade into the village green. [TOP]
Run for the Rescue
Early June
Rescue Mission, City of Utica
(315) 735-1645
Starts and finishes at the Rescue Mission on Rutgers St.. Mostly flat. The course uses city streets and Proctor Park which has some rolling terrain. The beginning of the course follows east Rutgers into Park, then loops through the park on the foot path. Exits the park and returns to the mission. [TOP]
Save Our Switch Backs (SOS) Run
Mid June
City of Utica South Woods Park
The money from the race goes to fixing the roads used by runners and bikers South Woods Park. The course follows the South Woods Switchbacks. The Switchbacks wind upward to the highest elevation point in the park, where you can look forward to the downhill run back to the finish. [TOP]
Summer Sizzle
Late June
MVCC Utica Campus
Starts and finishes on the Mohawk Valley Community College Campus. The course follows city streets for a short distance and then uses the foot trials in Proctor Park for the middle part of the race and then follows city streets back to the campus. The park has rolling terrain while the start and finish are flat. It's always been very hot (sizzling) on the day of this race. [TOP]
Boilermaker Road Race
Early July
City of Utica
Web Site
Top 100 road races in country. Top runners from all over the world seek prize money. The course will is always lined with 1000s of fans.  The course starts at the Utica Boilermakers in east Utica and finishes at the FX Matt's Brewery. A challenging 9.3 miles it follows city streets to South Woods over a South Woods lower area hill , then back onto city streets back to the brewery where there is the Boilermaker Party. This is a great event for Central New York. [TOP]
Millers Mill Sundae Run
Week following Boilermaker
Hamlet of Millers Mills
Up the hill-down the hill. Scenic ice pond where they still harvest ice in early spring. Starts and ends at bridge at ice pond follows country road up a hill. Then there is a turn around and you go downhill to the finish. There is free ice cream for the finishers. [TOP]
Honor America Days
Late July
City of Rome
Flat course. Starts and finishes near city hall and follows side streets north through city residential section of the city. There are some large nice old stately homes in this area. [TOP]
Remsen Runaround
Early Aug
Village of Remsen
This is a very unique race. You register at the train station. The Adirondack Train takes the racers to the start on Old Route 12, 3 miles north of Remsen. The course follows Old Route 12 back through Remsen to the Finish at the train station. There is one short hill near the start, but it's mostly flat. It's a very enjoyable event.
Marshall Towpath Run/Walk
Early August
Hamlet of Deansboro
(315) 841-4313
Mostly flat. Starts in front of the Historical Society, follows country roads. Then turns onto the Chenango Canal Towpath. Finishes along the towpath behind firehouse. The towpath passes through beautiful wooded marsh area near the Oriskany Creek.  Get there early and jog along the towpath to warm up. You'll encounter  many rabbits scurrying about and many songbirds. [TOP]
Woodmen's 10K Foot Race
Mid August
Village of Boonville
Run during the Woodsmen's Field Days, on Friday evening,  this scenic and challenging  course is hilly at the middle of race. Flat at start and finish. Starts and finishes at Adirondack High School. Follows country roads on the outskirts of Boonville. Then finishes along side streets adjacent to high school and Fair Grounds. [TOP]
Paul Revere's  Run
Early September
City of Rome
The run starts and finishes on the side of Revere Copper Main office building. The course makes a loop out and back along streets surrounding Revere Copper. It is a very nice mostly flat course.[TOP]
Falling Leaves
Late September
City of Utica
Very popular race. Expect to find a few hundred runners. Both races start and finish in down town Utica's main street (Genesee St.). The 5K is flat. This course follows the Genesee south to the South Woods Parkway, east to Oneida Street, then south to the finish. The challenging 14K is one of my favorite races. Instead of turning back at South Woods the course follows the South Woods Switchbacks. The Switchbacks wind upward to the highest elevation point in the park, where you can look forward to the downhill run to Oneida Street and back to the finish. [TOP]
Madison Hall
Late September
(315) 682-5717
The village of Morrisville is one of the very nice little towns along Route 20. It starts behind Madison Hall the Course loops around the SUNY campus. There is an uphill and down about 3/4 thru the race. It finishes in front of Madison Hall. [TOP]
Copper Wire Run
Early October

City of Camden
The city of Camden is one of the most beautiful  little towns in Central New York. The course starts at the village park and follows the path through the town park back to the village. This is a challenging 5K with hilly terrain. [TOP]
Maine Event
Early October
Village of Brookfield
(315) 899-6281
Flat at beginning , hilly in the middle, then flat at finish.  Brookfield is one of the most scenic area to travel to and race. Starts and finishes at the Fair Grounds just outside the village. Follows some village streets, country roads, then a dirt horse trail with a steep hill. Back down the hill onto flat country road, back through the village to the fair grounds. Great run. [TOP]
Town & Country
Early October
Village of Boonville
Run during Octoberfest. Very Scenic demanding course. The race starts in front of the Hulbert House. Then goes out of town up a long hill to the Black River Canal. Stays on the canal for a while. then back on the road up another good hill then back ton the Hulbert House. Runners get free beer. [TOP]
Eaton 5K
Mid October
Hamlet of Eaton
(315) 824-2839
Starts and finishes at the Gerritt Smith Infirmary an old building used for community activities about .5 mile outside of the hamlet. There is a slight hill at start but otherwise is flat. Follows a loop on country roads, passes through Eaton, then back to Infirmary. Very scenic area. [TOP]
Fall Flurry Run for Hunger
Early November 12
City of Little Falls
Starts and finishes in front of  the YMCA. There is a small park in front of the Y. The beginning of the race is run through city streets There is a short hill. Then it follows a loop on country roads south on the outskirts of the city. There is a long gentle up hill grade between 2 and 3 miles. It slightly down hill and flat back to Little Falls. Then it's back on city streets where you make your way back uphill the finish. [TOP]