Matt's Birthday and Father's Day
Celebration at the Black River Camp
Matt, Zach and Quincy came up Friday evening and stayed till 4PM Sunday.
Matt's Birthday was Friday. Father's Day was Sunday. We all had a great time.
The weather was beautiful Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Matt, Zach and Quincy did a lot of Fishing.
The water is very warm and low, so there is only Small Mouth Bass.

Fishing Video

Zack and Quincy rafted in front of the camp

Matt, Zack and Quincy brought snorkeling equipment. They snorkeled up the middle of the river. It's very low.

Snorkeling Video

"The bottom looks great."

They snorkeled all the way to the rapids.
The river was so low Matt could walk up the middle.

Zach's Birthday and Father's Day Bonfire for Matt.

Matt, Zach and Quincy were taken to the nearby Fishing Access Site. They ran into some rocks down stream and got a small leak in the bottom. The main tube was OK. Matt got out and walked the raft the rest of the way back to camp.

Rafting Video
Matt's Father's Day Meal.
French Fries, Scallops and Steamed Clams.
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