The  Irish Connection Tenth Edition

28 September, 2001
girls have settled in for their second year at Castle Park School.


I apologize to all you avid followers of the Irish Connection for not updating the web page. I will try to not let it happen again. I have chosen a few pictures that will fill in what the McNamara Clan has been up to the last couple of months.

I am sure you all are emotionally drained from the events of September 11th, so I will only throw in a couple of quick observations and comments that I have had over the last couple of weeks. First of all everybody that I personally know that works in Downtown New York is safe. (Thank God).  Secondly, it is a very strange feeling living overseas while your country is going through a national crisis. Times like this you really want to be around friends and family. I look forward to coming back in October for Greg’s wedding. Finally the support of the British has been unbelievable. Listening to Tony Blair, UK Prime Minister, speak about the unique friendship the British have with America is inspiring. I watched the memorial service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on television and was overwhelmed. To hear the National Anthem being played in another country by non- Americans sends a chill up your spine.

Now for a few predictions:

  1. Bin Laden captured (dead or alive) by year-end.
  2. Iraq is next. Follow the money and it leads to Iraqi intelligence.
  3. Europe (non-UK) will bail on us if civilians are accidentally killed. France first, then Germany.
  4. Giants will go 11-5 and win the division. Big year for Kerry (K-gun) Collins.

Now back to the ordinary. The girls have settled in for their second year at Castle Park School. Bridget is making big strides with her reading. She is working hard and her teachers have noticed the difference. Emily has joined the senior choir at school. She really loves to perform as if nobody could notice. Grace is enjoying her second year of Montessori. She is really a focused little kid. She is desperately trying to read. I think by Christmas she will have it down cold. Maeve is Maeve. There isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t make Becky or myself laugh. It must be that curly hair. She has grown very fond of the Argos shopping catalog, which is similar to the Sears catalogue, so much so that she has to sleep with “big book” every night. Speaking of Becky, she is very excited to spend another year in Ireland away from her brand new addition in Morris Plains. She is marking the days to Christmas when we plan on returning for a couple of weeks. I am kidding of course. She is great. Words can’t do justice what she means to me. Who else would relocate with four kids to a foreign country because her husband wants to trade sports? You gotta love that!!!

Regarding intrade, which is the reason the clan is in Ireland, has launched. The website went “live” on August 2nd. The website address is (shameless promotion) I can’t believe the idea that I had so many years ago has finally come to fruition. It is a great feeling of accomplishment, which could have only been achieved with the help of many great people.  I wish I could say “only in America”, but that is a topic for another conversation. Needless to say, we may have launched, but we still have a business to grow, so that’s the end of the back patting for me.

So long for now. I will keep the updates coming. I promise. Remember to live your life to the fullest and not in fear otherwise the terrorists will truly have succeeded.

God Bless America,

The McNamara Clan

“We’ve been kicking butt for 200 hundred years…we’re 10 and 1”

Bill Murray “Stripes”

Jeremy and Danielle's Wedding in Lowville New York. 
Amy, Sue and Becky enjoying the day

Dad and Maeve in front of the Killkenny Castle.

Claire and Lucille at Powerscourt. They visited the Clan in May.

The Gang hamming it up for the camera while we were in Killkenn

Bridget competing at Castlepark Field Day. 
You know you are in Ireland when they have Potatoes on the spoon instead of eggs.

Grace's Birthday Party. 
The girls on the Waltzer at Dawson's Fun Park in Bray. 
Grace invited her best friend Sophie to the party

Girls enjoying the scenery at Salthill Park. 
It is about a 5 minute walk from our house.

Emily riding in a dressage competition. She placed third in her group. 
She volunteered to ride a full-size horse instead of a pony. 
I think she won the prize more for surviving instead of horsemanship.

intrade Taxi in London. We have 25 taxis cruising the streets of London. There is nothing worse then standing in the pouring rain in London and having an empty intrade taxi pass right by me.

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