The  Irish Connection Ninth Edition

15 May, 2001
The clan travels to the Kingdom of Kerry.

The clan standing outside a cottage in the Bog Village along the Ring of Kerry. 


Summer arrived on May 1st in Ireland; somebody forgot to tell the weather. It is still fairly cold considering it’s May. The Clan is enjoying the lengthened daylight. It doesn’t really get dark until half-nine at night, which is great, but the downside is it is tough to get the girls to go to bed at night.

The Barrilas and Macs in Glendalough
The Clan received some visitors in April. The Barilla’s from Morris Plains stayed with us over the Easter holidays. The girls had a great time, John B and I played golf and Becky and Martha B. got in some quality shopping, if there is such a thing. The only downside of their stay was that some of the attractions in Ireland were closed because of the Foot and Mouth outbreak. Ireland has done a tremendous job preventing the harmful disease from breakout in the Republic as opposed to England, which never took it seriously. Everywhere you go in Ireland there is mat of disinfectant that washes your shoes and kills the virus.
The clan traveled down to the Kingdom of Kerry the week after Easter and stayed at the Kenmare House. It was fantastic. The house originally sat on over two hundred acres with views of the Killarney lakes and mountains, but some of the land was developed into a hotel and golf course, which was ideal.

The Kenmare House in Killarney
As you walked out the front door the first tee was one hundred yards away, so I was able to tee off when ever I wanted. I took the girls out with me on the golf course. Emily and Bridget lasted about three holes then left. Grace went the whole nine holes. She helped me with finding my wayward golf balls. On the eight hole, I was forever searching for my approach shoot into the green, but I couldn’t find it until Grace told me that “Dad it’s in the sandbox!” Sure enough there it was right in the bunker (Out of the mouth of babes, I guess). Also at the end of the driveway of the house was the hotel indoor swimming pool, the kids loved it. It was almost impossible to get Maeve out of the pool.

The gang swimming at the Castlerosse Hotel in Killarney.
The swim caps are required, so please no jokes.

Emily and Bridget enjoying a beautiful day at the Powerscourt Gardens

Maeve strolling the lake at Powerscourt Gardens.
The Estate house is in the background.

The clan in a jaunting cart at the Ross Castle in Killarney.
The horse's name is Tom.

The clan scaling the walls of the castle, just like their ancestors before them.

The girls on the Ring of Kerry

The GSX project that brings the clan to Ireland in the first place is going well. We plan on launching the site on July 1st with the first day of trading on July 12th. The GSX team is now over 40 people strong. The atmosphere is great and I have met some really great people. The long hours are a drag, but now as we near launch I can start to see all of those hours paying off, because if they didn’t Becky would kill me.

Speaking of Becky, she is returning to Morris Plains a long weekend in May to check out the work on the old homestead. All I know about the house in MP is that half of it is gone and there is big hole in the ground. I compare home renovation to being in a casino with a rack of chips in front of you. You don’t comprehend the amount of money in front of you as you continue to bet it, because after all it is chips and not cash. It is the same with home renovation; you lose all comprehension of money because you just keep on writing checks until you are numb. But I am told it will look good.

Well that’s it from the clan. We hope to see you all this summer. Becky and the kids are spending the summer in MP and I am staying in Ireland for work.

Bridget as the gardener in the Form 1 rendition of King Midas.
It played three nights to sold out crowds.


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