Grace celebrated her 4th Birthday with her favorite Barbie Cake
The  Irish Connection Fourth Edition
October 8, 2000


It’s been awhile since the clan’s last update. Needless to say like most people the summer is over and so is your free time. Everybody starts to get into his or her routines.

The girls in their school uniforms

Emily, Bridget, and Grace started school at Castle Park in Dalkey. They are enjoying it even though Emily and Bridget have to learn Irish and French. I haven’t heard any complaints yet, so that must be a good sign.
Emily is also taking Violin lessons. Thank God, I have a tin ear.

Emily practices her Violin. Notice Aunt Pam's painting in the background.

Grace (directly in font of Miss Joan) is having fun in Montessori school with her new classmates and the teacher Miss Joan.

Maeve is being Maeve.

My parents (Jack and Claire Mac) came over in September. They stayed for a week then continued on to Scotland and London for 5 days before returning to Dublin to say goodbye.
Jack and Claire Mac with the Grandkids at Powerscourt Waterfall

During their stay my father and I went out to the West of Ireland to play golf with the lads from the states that came over for the annual golf outing. The weather was fantastic as we played 54 holes of golf with only 3 holes of rain. We played Killarney Golf and Fishing Club, Ballybunion, Waterville, and The Old Head. It was fantastic. As this is a family web site I will not go into the R rated details of the trip.

Your are looking at the worst ensemble of Golfers ever to grace the shores of Ireland. But they are very funny.

With the start of September, I make my annual hapless pledge to myself to get in shape. To that end Becky and myself joined the Westwood Club, which is the local fitness centre. The instructor weighed me in at a little less then 14 stone. I hope to lose a full stone by the end of the year. We shall see. Something about using stones as measurement doesn’t make your weight seem so bad.

I have been listening to the Giants over the Internet every Sunday but it doesn’t recreate Sec 107 Row 11 of Giants Stadium. I hope the men in Blue can turn it around. We shall see. Have faith.

Well I hope everybody has a good autumn. It is the best time of the year in the states in my opinion. Ireland doesn’t have much of an autumn. It just goes grey to greyer until it is dark for about 16 hours. I guess that’s why they have pubs.

Our next update will be filed from Becky’s native Deutschland (Germany). We are going at the end of this month. It should be funny to watch Becky use her High School German.

Auf Wiedersehen

Irish Connection