The  Irish Connection Second Edition            February 09, 2007

I think I have an extra arm for one more girl. Howth Peninsula in the background.

Failte! Welcome back to the second edition of the McNamara’s in Ireland. The clan is doing well and has really settled quite nicely in Ireland. We are going about our daily routines just as if we were in the states. For example every morning, I check my e-mail, Becky makes her coffee, Emily and Bridget watch Pokemon, Grace has her Nestle Chocolate Milk (Can anybody really say chocolate milk besides Chris Mac?), and Maeve has her Barn (Barney the lovable purple dinosaur). So as you can see more we change the more we stay the same.

Grace on the pier in front of the sailboats of the Howth Yacht Club.

We have been exploring the Greater Dublin area. One of our favorite towns is a small fishing village called Howth, which is located on the end of the DART (train) line. Howth has a long pier that you can take nice long walks on. It is home to many nice restaurants one of which we had dinner at called Casa Pasta. It is also home to one of Ireland’s best golf shops called McGuirks. I purchased some raingear there for the golf outing in September.

The girls enjoying the sunset  on the pier in Howth.

Becky with the girls in front of “Ireland’s Eye” in Howth

Speaking of golf, I have been playing a few courses so far. I played the K Club, which is the site of the 2005 Ryder Cup. It is Ireland’s premier golf course and resort. I prefer the links courses myself. I shot 91, which is fair but was good enough for 15 skins. I also played Luttrellstown golf course in an Insurance brokers outing. Those insurance guys are wild and crazy. I will not divulge what I shot for fear of handicap retribution.

The GSX project is moving along rapidly we have just hired our 14th person. His name is Paul Jones and is not the Paul Tudor Jones of trading fame. Everybody we have hired so far has been great. So far we have hired Americans, Brits, or Irish, so it makes for some great conversations. July 4th was particularly fun in the office being Americans. We picked on the Brits for losing and cajole the Irish for not knowing how to beat the Brits. It is all in good fun.

I had a business trip in London last week and I brought the family with me. I had meetings in London with some prospective sports traders. One of them included the infamous Bill “Hoop” Russell. I will include some pictures in the next update. Needless to say we had a smashing good time. If you are ever traveling to Europe I would advocate for cheap hotel rates at marquee hotels.

I just received my new Digital Camera, Kodak DC280, so will see how that goes with the pictures for the website. We are off to the Wild West of Ireland for the week. Update to follow.

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Here are some more pictures I took with the new digital camera.

Has anybody seen Bridget’s two front teeth?

Bridget helping Maeve drive at the Superquinn supermarket

Maeve after a few pints in the pub, singing her favorite Irish folk songs.

High Tea at “Bearnas Mor”  with Grace and Maeve.

So long America, we miss you.

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