The  Irish Connection First Edition   July 25, 2000

The McNamara Family in Ireland

Emily and Bridget are petting a horse at the Newbridge House in County Fingal. Emily is going to take horseback riding lessons at her school, Castlepark,in September. Giddyup!!!

FAILTE.  The McNamara family has returned to Ireland. The clan has settled in the Southside of Dublin in a town called Blackrock. Through this website we will document the movements of the clan as they travel throughout Ireland and beyond

We moved into “Bearnas Mor” which is the name of the house we are living in.  The house is a semi-detached as opposed to semi-attached house, which was just renovated by the owners. We all really like the modern conveniences the house has which are rare for Ireland. The power shower is awesome. “Bearnas Mor” is a four bedroom house with a walled in garden (lawn) in the back. It also has four fireplaces that we haven’t really had a need for yet. The girls (Emily, Bridget, Grace, and Maeve) are all enjoying their new house. The neighborhood is filled with girls their own age. They stay out playing all day and into the evening as it don’t get dark until 10:00pm. I have found my “local” pub. It is located in Monkstown and is called “Goggins”. It just opened and serves a fine pint of Guinness. I have noticed that the Irish are drinking more Budweiser that Guinness if you can believe that.

We are traveling in a Chrysler Voyager that I purchased from the owner of the house. He and his family are moving to Seattle (Microsoft) for two years. The Voyager is a good people carrier (minivan), but it cost about $60 dollars to fill the tank. It translates to about $3.50 per gallon. Thank God the traffic is so bad that you can’t travel long distances.
Becky has started her Irish herb Garden.


The weather has been fantastic, as it hasn’t rained in about 2 weeks. I even watered the lawn because it was drying out. But I am sure as we go on vacation in August and it will rain. We are heading out to Dave Murray’s mother’s B&B in Clifden. If you never been to the West of Ireland it is beautiful. I will have plenty of pictures of our journey.
The GSX project that brings us here is going well. We just moved into our new offices in Parkwest Digital Park. Before we moved there, we had about ten of us in a 100 square foot temporary office. It was great exercise in team building (not). The new office will have about 6200 square feet, enough space to have a putting green and driving range.
The Soccer Pitch
Emily makes an unbelievable save on Dad. 
What a incredible goalkeeper!!!

The girls are looking out to the Irish Sea in search of invading Vikings


I would like to extend an invitation to all to come and visit us while we are in Ireland. Just send us an email and let us know when you are coming. We have plenty of room. I can’t guarantee the Full Irish Breakfast in the morning, but I can give you cold cereal.

The girls are enjoying their HB ice cream after a tough day of sight seeing.
I’m not sure if any ice cream got into Maeve’s mouth

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