Becky and her daughters on Mother's Day in Bray
March 25th is Mother’s Day in Ireland

The  Irish Connection Eighth Edition
26 March, 2001

The McNamara Family were surprised by snow in Ireland.
March 25th is Mother’s Day in Ireland



Snow at the beautiful Wicklow Mountains outside of Dublin

Well Spring arrived on February 1st, but it is now March and the winter hasn’t left. We had snow in Dublin at the beginning of March, which is quite rare. The Wicklow Mountains, which overlook Dublin, received six inches of snow. I can only imagine the tourists flying over Ireland for the first time and expecting to see the green fields of Ireland, but instead see the entire country covered white with snow.

Herb and Ruth visiting in Morris Plains
The clan went back to the states at the end of February for a week. It went really quick. As soon as we arrived home I picked up the phone and had the pizza ordered. It was awesome. It’s the little things in life that we miss the most. It was good to see the family and friends during the week. It made us really think how much we miss everybody and how eager we are to eventually return. While the family lounged around Morris Plains, Becky worked hard to get the house ready for the contractor, who is starting in April.

The only down note of the week came when Becky and myself were sick on consecutive days. I was bed ridden for the day, but Becky who was equally as sick got out of bed and made it to the plumbing supply store. She picked out sinks, fixtures, and etc. for over two hours sipping on warm ginger ale. It was bravest thing I ever saw. It reminded me of Willis Reed coming out of the locker room with a broken ankle to help the Knicks beat the Lakers in 1969.

Maeve's Second Birthday

The highlight for March besides my 175yd 4-iron into number 12 at the European Club was Maeve’s 2nd birthday. It was great fun. It is amazing how quick they grow up. Also March 25th is Mother’s Day in Ireland, the girls made Becky breakfast in bed. There is nothing like instant coffee and cold toast at 6:30 in the morning. It was a breakfast that I am sure Becky will soon not forget. We spent the day in Bray walking along the beach and visiting the aquarium that just reopened. It was great.

Hi!! My name is Maeve. I'm Two Years Old

Maeve had a few to many Guinness Drafts

The Girls are spending a lot of time indoors working on crafts

Well that’s it from Ireland. Hopefully the weather will turn and the clan can get outside more, although you are not allowed in the countryside because of the foot and mouth disease that is ravaging Europe. They should have it under control soon. I hope.

Grace having fun at the ball pit


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