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Spring has arrived in Ireland

The  Irish Connection Seventh Edition
12 February, 2001

The McNamara Family Enjoy the Coming of Spring in Ireland
Failte!!! Happy Spring !!!

Well Spring has finally arrived in Ireland, and not a moment to soon. Thank God. Just to let everybody in a little secret, the Irish consider February 1st as the beginning of Spring. As far as the weather goes it is starting to turn for the better. I was able to play golf two weeks ago.
Spring in Ireland. Out  fooling around in Malahide Park

January started off with a visit from the Lawlor clan from Danbury, CT. It was good seeing them. We haven’t seen Riley since May (the downside of living in Ireland). They stayed for a few days with us in Blackrock. It was great. Jack and I played golf everyday. Then after golf we went out to the pubs to all hours and got smashed. Only kidding.

Chris and Becky were able to sit on the top deck of the tour bus as we toured around London.

The gang from McNamara Trading (Sue, Rob, Jeremy, Danielle, and Sinead) and Chris Mac came over to London for the annual Christmas party. We all stayed at the Governor House on Hyde Park. It was really nice, but a little pricey. A chicken club sandwich was 13.00 ($19.00). I now have better appreciation for Jersey Diners.

Becky, Sue, Sinead, and Chris enjoying High Tea at the hotel.
I highly recommend London in January, because of the lack of tourists. We had beautiful weather with bright clear skies. We were able to sit on the top deck of the tour bus as we toured around London. The only attraction we visited was the London Dungeon. It highlights the dark side of London throughout the ages, overall pretty gruesome. But the best part of the trip was Jeremy getting engaged to Danielle. We are looking forward to the July wedding in Lowville, NY.
While Becky and myself were in London, my parents were nice enough to come over watch the kids for us. It was great to get a couple days of sleep. Jack and Claire stayed for ten days, which included a couple of nights down at Mount Juliet in Kilkenny. They had a great time. They are now in Florida for two months reenergizing after three days of babysitting the clan.
Becky, Jack Mac, and Claire Mac. This is not Florida.

Becky's Big 29th? Birthday Blast was February 1

February started off with Becky’s birthday on the 1st. I always get it confused with Ground Hog day on the second (not a good thing). My brother, Sean, was in town for some GSX business, and he helped us celebrate Becky’s birthday.

The clan is eagerly looking forward to its return to Morris Plains in the middle of February. We are cleaning out the house after our tenants moved out and preparing for the addition to the house. I personally can’t wait to get home and have pizza, bagels, Chinese food, bulk shopping, drive my gas guzzling Expedition, American sports (soccer is not a sport, neither is cricket) etc.


Riley, Bridget and Maeve

See you on the other side of the Atlantic.

So long!!!

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