The  Irish Connection Sixth Edition
09 February, 2007

The McNamara Family Enjoy Christmas and Visit Killarney
Failte!!! Happy Christmas !!!

If there is one thing the Irish do well and that is celebrate the holidays. The whole month of December seems to be one big holiday. There are plenty of parties going on. The City Centre is packed with shoppers and revelers galore. 
We started the month off by getting a live Christmas tree at Powerscourt. Ireland not being known for its trees (the Irish say the English cut them all down), we
eventually found one that didn’t look like a Charlie Brown reject. It is no Blue Spruce, but it looks good in the living room with all of its decorations.
The gang brings home the Christmas tree. 
Note the stand already attached. In all my years I have never found the perfect Christmas stand until now. It was made in Mexico.

Bridget receiving her gift from Santa

Emily and Santa

We had the GSX Christmas party on Thursday December 21st. We had dinner at an Indian restaurant on Clarendon Street. The wine was flowing and we were all extremely cheerful celebrating our accomplishments, i.e. funding, for the year. After the dinner, we went to Sinnot’s for some pints and dancing. It was a great evening, that’s judging by people who showed up for work the next day. I would say it was quite memorable. Two of our guys, Simon and Jason didn’t get home until 4:30am because they couldn’t get a cab home from City Centre and decided to take a Rickshaw home that would have been a sight to see. Needless to say we closed the office 1:00pm on Friday due to lack of production. We are closed until January 2nd. I am excited for a little R and R.

Following the tradition of Bob Hope, Emily entertains the troops

Becky threw a wonderful Christmas party for all the neighbors and their kids on Friday night the 22nd. Emily had organized the girls in the neighborhood to sing Christmas carols. It was a lot fun for everybody.  
Grace is an angel in the schools Christmas Pageant. 

Now if she can only bring her schoolwork home with her.


The Killarney Great Southern Hotel

On Christmas Eve we woke up and drove to Killarney for next the four days. There was not a sinner on the road at 10 o’clock in the morning. It was kind of strange. We stayed at the Killarney Great Southern. It is old hotel with a lot of old charm that you don’t find anymore. It has a huge grand foyer with fireplaces and couches everywhere. The girls particularly loved the leisure centre with the swimming pool. We stayed for three nights on what they call the Christmas Program, which means that all meals are included. It was very relaxing to say the least.

The view of the Killarney Mountains from our hotel room. There is even snow on the peaks

Let me take a break from the Christmas holidays and quickly talk about the Giants. I listened to the game on the Internet on Saturday the 23rd.  I really believe that they might go far. I say this because of home field advantage. There is no way a dome team can come to East Rutherford and expect to run their offence in January. I predict that Joe Montgomery will replace Ron Dayne in the offence. The Giants need to run if they expect to win, period.  
I hope everybody had a great couple of Holidays. We are expecting the Lawlor’s here on Friday the 29th. We haven’t seen Riley (Jack’s son) since May. So long for now

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