The  Irish Connection Eleventh Edition
The semester of horse back riding at Cornell really paid off.
13 November 2001
Well it’s officially Winter in Ireland. It snowed last week as the winds shifted from the North. The sun rises around 8:30am and sets around 4:30pm. I am already starting to get depressed about the weather and it’s not even Christmas. A typical daily Irish Winter weather forecast has rain, wind, and chance of sunny spells. However, the Clan will muddle through this despite the weather as we have planned a couple of voyages to the States this winter with the hopes of one of them landing us in Florida for a few days.

Jack Mac and myself on the Champion putting course at Mount Juliet. We are on the sixteenth, which is a par 3, dogleg left.

My parents, Jack and Claire, visited the clan a few weeks ago for a couple of days. Luckily, my father and myself were able to play three rounds of golf (Powerscourt, European Club, and Mount Juliet). Neither one of us played that spectacularly, but it was great just to be out there walking the course. My parents and the clan rented a townhouse in Mount Juliet for the weekend that they were over. Mount Juliet is an old English lord’s estate that has been turned into a luxury resort with a fantastic golf course. We spent three days golfing, horseback riding, shopping, and relaxing. It was fantastic and the weather luckily cooperated for us.

The clan is in full school mode as the term continues.
Emily was selected for the Castlepark field hockey team. The team consists of girls from form (grades) 4,5, and 6. She is in form 4, so we are quite impressed with her for making the cut. She has been only playing for a couple weeks and doesn’t mind getting in the scrum. Although, I think her joy of hockey will quickly end once she gets a good whack from one of those sticks.
Emily and her fellow team mate Clara.

Bridget and Cliodna at the Glendalough Environmental Centre.

Bridget and her friend Cliodna went on a school field trip in Glendalough. I chaperoned Bridget's class outing to the environmental centre.

Bridget is doing well in her studies and is really enjoying horseback riding. Nothing seems to bother that one.

Grace is doing well in Montessori school. She really enjoys staying late on Fridays for tea.

Grace dressed up as a queen for Halloween. She won the cape at school for best mask. (mask not shown).

Grace on Halloween

Grace, Maeve (center) and Bridget Halloweening it.

Maeve is chatting away. She is a loud talker though. With all those girls in the house, I guess she has too.

Becky assured us that she knew what she was doing. 
She said that she took a semester of horse riding at Cornell.
Becky continues to count the days until we return. She is much looking forward to the two weeks in the States around Christmas. Not that she doesn’t enjoy Ireland, but I think she wants to get home to family, friends, and a undecorated house. I just keep telling her how good the schooling is at Castlepark, so that buys me some time. Also the occasional piece of Irish pottery is also a good bribe.

Well so long for now. Enjoy Thanksgiving. The clan will be going to another Yank’s house (the Will’s of Chicago) for Thanksgiving. We’ll be thinking of you all.


Special Note: The clan’s heart felt condolences go out to Landy Chapple, who recently lost her father, Quincy. I only really met him once, but I always enjoyed asking Landy what her father’s reaction to the Clinton’s was while they were in office. He was a great American that proudly served his country, a big time Yankee fan, and an avid Rush listener.

What more can I say?

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