Gray Squirrel Family Invade Elm Tree

We were looking out the window the other day. We began to notice large clumps of leaves falling from a large Elm tree. This Elm had developed a vast amount of new growth.

I went out under the tree, looked up and noticed there was an adult squirrel chewing off the new chutes an dropping them to the ground. The process of drooping the clumps went on for while. We were worried about the tree because there was a lot of vegetation on the ground. Latter on I saw three young squirrels eating the tiny elm seeds from the clumps on the ground. The little creatures were partially hidden in the grass and leaves. Their tails seemed twice as long as the bodies.Would these little rascals nibble their way through the entire tree.

I decided to place a pile of sunflower seeds near the tree. This seems to have curtailed the problem. Each day I put out a new pile of sunflower seeds and at so far there has been no further Elm damage. Hopefully the sunflower seeds can keep them occupied until the seeds drop from the tree naturally.

1) Squirrels climb up the Elm tree and chew off the fresh leaf chutes containing the Elm seeds.   2) A plentiful dining area is created as Elm chutes with leaves and seeds fall to the ground.
3) Young squirrels comb the ground for the seeds. Notice the tail.   4) The spend the day enjoying the feast.