Rustic Trellises

Trellises can be a beautiful part of your yard or garden. Turn your gardens up a notch with a environmentally friendly rustic trellises. The raw materials came from pruning nuisance maple saplings from the yard. These saplings grow in hedges and other places where they shoot up as high as they can go before they sprout any branches, making them ideal material for posts and the trellis.

You can also use wild grape vines that that may be crowding trees and bushes or your just cutting back. The vines may be used as part of a trellis, as fastener or stand alone.

The pieces are fastened with colored 1 " dry wall screws. Make sure you pre-drill before installing screws. This prevents the wood from splitting.

Rustic Maple Heart Trellis 60" X 28"

The bow was mad by tying a rope on both ends of a branch like a bow. Steadily bend the bough without breaking it until the required arc is achieved. Then secure the bow with screws at both ends with the rope still on the bough. Then you can take off the rope and saw of the excess bough.

They Heart was made from a wild grape vine.

Rustic Maple Triple Triangle Tower Trellis 6.5'X2'

This trellis consists of three main triangles. Cut three long maple poles 6'6". Start with one side. Fasten the poles at the top and at the base 2'. Lay flat. Cut the rest of the horizontal pieces to size and fasten it as ladder. The pieces should be progressivley thinner as you go from the bottom to the top. No need to measure for the cuts. First lay larger piece across where you want to put it. Hold stick with fingers at the cutting place and cut.

After finishing one side lay the ladder flat on surface. Then fasten the third pole to the ladder at the top and 2 horizontal pieces between the poles at the bottom making sure they are equally spaced. Finish fastening horizontal pieces on the other two sides.

Finally, on each triangle, attached a verticle piece to the inside of the horizontal pieces so that it extends sligightly above and below the top an bottom piece.

Vine Rose Trellis 48" X 28"

The vine trellis is made from several strands of pruned wild grape vines discovered in an overgrown section of the yard.