A Possum Visits The Bird Feeder 3/24 /2005

I love this Lilac Bush!!


It was late afternoon when we had a surprise visitor to the backyard. It's a bright sunny day and the temperature almost 40oF.  I looked out the back window and there it was moseying around the bird feeder. I got my cameras and went out there. Much to my surprise the thing just continued about it's business of sniffing the ground near the bird feeder.

I'm not going to hiss, show my teeth or roll over and play dead.

The peculiar part of this affair was this nocturnal and solitary animal was out in the day time. I don't remember seeing a possum other than as road kill. Plus it didn't role over and play dead ("playing possum"). Nor did it hiss or show it's teeth like their supposed to do when it feels threatened.

Plus, for unknown reasons, opossums are amazingly resistant to rabies. As are marsupials in general. If they do Hiss, drool and sway, that's are part of the opossum's bluff routine to scare you off. Unlike other animals, opossums don't always flee when they're scared. Just leave the opossum alone and eventually the animal will wander off.

I just want to find some worms.

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