Honesty(or Money)

You can make decorative dry weed and flower arrangements using the dried seed pod and stem of the Money plant. You can buy money seeds or get dry money seeds from someone that grows money. Money is a biennial and after the first year will yield seed pods and die off the second year. Save some of your seeds and plant the Money every year so you will have some each year. They will seed themselves if you leave some seed pods on the plant.
The first year the plant does not flower and yield seeds. Notice the money plant in the center of the picture.

The First Year of Money


Flowering Money at the end of May

The same Money plant in June with seed pods

The second year the Money will flower in late May and then yield seed pods by early June.

Money seed pod

Scanned seed pod and a dry pod from last year

Let the Money seed pods dry on the plant. They will turn silver by fall. Remove Money seed pods with all the stem from the plant. Then remove the thin skin from the pods. The best ones will be silvery and translucent as shown in the above right scan of the pods.

Then you can make dry weed and flower arrangements like the ones shown below.

Arrangement with dried Jack-O-Lanterns Arrangement with dried ferns