A Cheap Squirrel Baffler Guaranteed to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Bird Feeder

We have dozens of squirrels invading our bird feeders. This is how to build a cheap SQUIRREL BAFFLER.

  1. You can find the items at your local home improvement center.
  2. Use one section of stove pipe. Preferably 8", costing about $2.50. I tried 6" and at least one squirrel could beat it.
  3. Stove pipe cap. Another $2.50
  4. Put a hole in the cap so your bird feeder support pipe will fit.
  5. Attach the cap to the pipe with duct tape.
  6. Place a something on the pipe like a wind of wire to hang the unit just below the feeder.
  7. The total cost is less than $6.00.

 The squirrels will not be able to get by this device. You can also have fun    watching them try.


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