Herbs and More
Here are two ways to use herbs from your garden and add esthetics to your kitchen.
  1. Make a decorative Rustic Pot Hanger to put over your center isle or counter.
  2. Decorate your countertop with homemade bottles of Gourmet Herb Wine Vinegar.
Homemade Rustic Pot Hanger

Rustic Pot Hanger


You can make your own rustic gourmet pot hangerfor less than $10.
  1. Measure and cut a piece of wood proportional to where you are going to hang the hanger. This is a 20x1.5" piece of maple.
  2. Get two cut pieces of chain at the hardware store proportional to the height you want the hanger to hang from the ceiling. Maybe you have some old chain. You will also need two ceiling hooks, round hooks and  S hooks to attach chains to hanger. If the ceiling joists aren't in the right place, you may need special wall board  fasteners.
  3. Make pot hooks from old black wire hangers. Cut to length with pliers. Then use two pairs of pliers to bend into shape.
  4. Hang up your favorite decorative pots and add some herb to dry.
Homemade Gourmet Herb White Vinegar

Gourmet Herb White Vinegar



You can make your own Herb White Vinegar.
  1. Use herbs grown in your own backyard.
  2. Save wine bottles and corks.
  3. Use publication software to make labels.
  4. Actual herbs were scanned to get the pictures for the labels.
  5. Bottle 1 Ingredients:
    Tarragon, White Vinegar
  6. Bottle 2 Ingredients:
    Garlic, Peppercorns, White Vinegar, Oregano and Thyme.

Note: You can use White Wine Vinegar