Red Fox Visits Bird Feeder

Red Fox under the Bird Feeder eating Sunflower Seeds.

I was taking videos of some birds at the feeder about 5 PM, when suddenly a Red Fox appeared under the feeder eating sunflower seeds. He wasn't after birds, chipmunks or squirrels. Red foxes are opportunistic feeders, eating pretty much anything they can find.  Their diet changes with the seasons. Red Foxes are vegetarians during the summer months. Consuming corn, grass , etc. They even eat insects like crickets and grasshoppers. They eat rabbits and other small mammals in the winter. Red foxes have been known to eat small trout which they catch by leaping from the shore onto fish schooling in shallow water. He walked around the feeder and there was our cat under the feeder. The fox saw the cat and took off. It came back to the feeder at 9 Pm that evening.

This fox was at the cross phase of color. Other phases are black and silver. Other common colors are brown and black. Red foxes that are browner and darker than most of their species and have a cross on the saddle that is dark and prominent are sometimes referred to as "cross foxes." Red foxes that are basically black with white-tipped guard hairs in varied amounts are known colloquially as "silver foxes."

The Bird Feeder is constantly active from dawn until dusk. Gold Finches, Cardinals, Morning Doves, Red Breasted Grosbeaks, Nut hatches, Chickadees, Cat Birds and Blue Jays are feeding all day on the Sunflower Seeds. various kinds of woodpeckers are after the suet. Squirrels and Chipmunk are on the ground under the feeder after the dropped seeds. We've even had a visit by a possum.

However, It never dawned on me that Sunflower Seeds would attract a Red Fox.