Dramatic Giant Clematis
Last year we built an arbor on the back of the house overlooking the patio. It is modeled after the ones we saw in Nantucket. We planted a Clematis vine under the arbor. This year, on the morning of June 8, 2000 we observed the Clematis blooming. It is starting to open here.

On the next day, June 9th, the lovely white flower measured a full 8 inches across.

Clematis ('klem-at-as or kli-'mat-as) is a genus of plants, including Buttercup, which have four or five sepals, no corolla (see at left), and numerous one-seeded fruits with long, feathery bristles.  Many of the varieties are perennial vines, popular for covering fences and arbors. Some Clematis flowers appear in small, white-flowered forms. 

Other species Clematis bear flowers attaining a diameter of up to 8 inches with colors ranging from white (as seen here) to blue or red. There is a smaller violet version growing up an arbor on the side of the house.