Great Collectables Van Houten's Cocoa Cards
Regarded as one of the Great Health Foods of the 1800s was Van Houten's Cocoa. In 1828 C J Van Houten of Holland invented the 'cocoa press' which removed two-thirds of the cocoa butter (fat) from the beans. It also helped reduce the price of chocolate and bring it to the masses. By squeezing out cocoa butter from the beans, Van Houten's "dutching process" was an alkalizing process which removed the acidity and bitterness, which is why alkali processed cocoa is also called Dutch chocolate.

We have found some Collectable Bird Cards which were included in each chocolate can. On the back of each card is a description of the bird. The birds were typically Eastern European. Plus an ad describing how healthy the drink was for you. Below are some typical card backs.