Natural Slate Patio, Walkways and Garden Walls

Slate Patio

Build Garden Walls, Patios and Garden Walkways at No Cost
The Patio, Garden Walls and Walks in the Yard and Garden have been constructed at no cost. There is a Creek passing through the Yard that supplies an unlimited amount of Slate and Other Stones. In the Spring the Creek is vary high. The water loosens the slate. When the Creek dries up there is easy access to the plentiful Slate. The Patio Slates have sand between them. The County Trucks dump sand on the road in the Winter. The sand gathers in a shallow ditch on the side of the road. Then we have succulent plants that were found in other yard  locations growing between the Slate Slabs. We also constructed Slate Garden Walls and Garden Walkways.

Slate is the Base of the Property.

Creek Bed Supplies Slate.

Side Yard Garden Wall.

Back of Home Garden Wall.

Shed Ramp is Stone.

Stone Garden Walkway.

Working on the Shed to Creek Walkway.

Another Garden Wall