Morning Glories
Imagine having a new bounty of beautiful flowers from the same plant greeting  you each morning throughout the summer and fall.

Morning Glories should be planted in full sun 

Spectacular climbing annuals
These plants come from North America, Asia, South Africa and the West Indies. This group of plants also includes the Sweet Potato.

Native to the tropics, more than 200 species of morning glories come from the Americas alone. There is a daily crop of freshly opened blue, purple, pink, scarlet, white or multicolored flowers. Our flowers are normally open only from dawn to midmorning. In cloudy and cool weather they hold their flowers open most of the day. Otherwise they are gone by noon. The flower just curl up and fall off. The flowers are around 4 inches across. The vine's abundant leaves are  heart-shaped and 4 to 5 inches long.

Morning glory vines grow very fast, reaching 10 feet or more two months after seeds sprout, and they will climb on just about any support. We have a large 4'X10'arbor attached to the side of the house and they have filled it up. They profusely flower against a background of pale green foliage. They should be planted in full sun and need a soil that is not too fertile or moist to prevent the production of leaves instead of flowers.

A flower usually dies off by noon, but another takes its place the next morning

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