Christmas at Grandma's 2006

----Mysty and Aggie Loved Their Presents----
<Grandma put Catnip inside>

The Gang was all here

The Gang Getting Ready to Eat Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Celebrators'
arrived from all over the country.

Becky's Family  New Jersey
Mandy's Family  West of Geneva
Matt's Family  Ithaca Area
Ken  Portland, Or.
Amy's Friend Jake  Camp Pendleton,
 San Diego, Ca.

Amy, Jake and Mandy had a Great Time
Opening Christmas Presents

Quincy Loved Her Present!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Aggie taking her Nap.
Matt was Santa this Year - Everyone Loved Their Presents!


Kids Singing Christmas Songs


It Was a Very Merry Christmas.
Have a Happy New Year!!!